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Pre-Retirement Course for FET Teachers/Tutors

Retirement from work can provide an opportunity to seek fresh directions and new challenges. You may, for example, be thinking of taking up a different area of paid or voluntary work, learning new skills, travelling or just spending more time on a favourite hobby. Planning for your retirement will help you make the most of your time, adjust to this lifestyle change and plan your finances. People today are living longer, healthier lives – so it’s important to plan in advance for this new phase in life.

Integrating Literacy/Numeracy in FET Programmes for FET Tutors

Developing the subject knowledge and skills and the related language, literacy, numeracy … as interwoven elements of a single process. In the vocational or subject classes, it is a planned approach and a moment-by-moment attitude and practice on the part of teachers and learners'

Plagiarism/Referencing Training for FET Teachers/Tutors

As a teacher, you must make sure that the work submitted for examination or moderation is the candidate’s own work. Candidates must understand that they cannot submit someone else’s work as their own, or use material produced by someone else without citing and referencing it properly. A candidate taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as his or her own is an example of plagiarism.