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Communication Skills for the Workplace

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Communication Skills for the Workplace

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Although technology has made communication faster and more global than ever before, there is still nothing more important than the ability to listen, speak, and write with ease and confidence. Whether it’s talking with a co-worker or addressing an audience of thousands, expressing our ideas clearly is one of the most valuable advantages we can have in the career world. Good communicators have the power to share their ideas, persuade others, and get themselves noticed. The Communication Skills for the Workplace course teaches the techniques and provides tips and suggestions for becoming a powerful communicator.


Understand the importance of good communication in the workplace

Understand specific ways to improve their listening, speaking, and writing skills

Identify communication barriers in the workplace and search for solutions

Recognize the importance of good listening skills

Organize and express ideas in an oral presentation

Understand the need to use clear, concise language

Express their opinions in a polite, assertive manner

Appreciate how strong speaking skills can be a powerful asset in the workplace

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