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Flash CS5 MasterExam

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Flash CS5 MasterExam – ACA


MasterExam™ test prep tools from LearnKey help IT certification candidates put the finishing touches on their comprehension and confidence as a final step before sitting for the exam. With over 200 questions, the all new Flash CS5 MasterExam™ supplements the training and hands-on experience needed to pass the Adobe® Certified Associate Rich Media Communication with Adobe® Flash® certification exam. To successfully complete the exams, you will need a solid understanding of setting project requirements, identifying rich media design elements, building rich media elements, and evaluating rich media elements. This product directly correlates with its related LearnKey training.


Over 200 test prep questions that meet all Adobe® Certified Associate Rich Media Communication (ACA) exam objectives

Case studies with exhibits to illustrate question details

Three testing modes allow you to vary level of complexity

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