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Matching Your Skills, Talents and Ambitions to a Dream Career

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Matching Your Skills, Talents, and Ambitions to a Dream Career

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“Find your passion” is the mantra of guidance counselors and graduation speakers in schools across the nation. The first step in any job-seeker’s career map to success is figuring out their own unique skills and talents. The best jobs are those that are interesting and challenging, and also allow employees to use their aptitudes and abilities to the fullest. Job-seekers wonder if there is a formula for finding that magic combination. One variable in that magic equation is exploration–exploration is an essential tool for any career map. The wider a net that students cast in the sea of career opportunities, the better chance they have of finding jobs that truly inspire them. The Matching Your Skills, Talents, and Ambitions to a Dream Career course outlines several strategies that job-seekers can use to create a personal career map. Through expert advice and real-life examples of young people happily employed in their dream careers, vital career lessons will be learned: how to examine talents, how to connect findings to a dream job, and how to map out a path to achieving goals of career success.


Assess personal strengths, talents, and interests

Connect current skills and interests to possible future careers

Identify personal weaknesses and find ways to improve

Understand the value of exploring a variety of career options

Use research, interviews, and hands-on experience to investigate potential careers

List valuable resources available for researching the details of specific careers

Identify the training required for potential careers, and understand the differences between different types of training and education programs

Appreciate the benefits of effective networking to gain entry into a career field

Realize the importance of continuous learning on the job

Set specific, realistic career goals

Understand how to adjust career plans to fit evolving goals

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