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Course Overview


Explore key considerations for planning and implementing a Microsoft 365 solution. Discover how to add, verify, and manage domains, configure user identities, and manage DNS in preparation for the MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services certification exam.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

MS-100 – Microsoft 365 Identity and Services: Planning a Microsoft Implementation

identify the subject areas covered in this courseprovide an overview of the six phases to plan for and deploy the foundation infrastructure of Microsoft 365 Enterpriselist Microsoft 365 products related to identity and access managementdemonstrate the admin center area used to purchase new domainsdemonstrate how to add a custom domain using the admin centerverify a domain from the domain name list in admin centerset a domain as default using the admin centerlist considerations when adding custom subdomains or multiple domains in Microsoft 365provide an overview of DNSperform DNS management on for an existing domain in the admin centercheck DNS configurations using the admin center and provide an overview of interface and standard recordsconfigure user identities for new domainsadd a custom domain using the admin center, set a domain as the default, access the DNS management options for an existing domain, and configure user identities for new domains

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