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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

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Course Overview

Six Sigma and Lean have become standard business process improvement methodologies. Used together, they are called Lean Six Sigma and are a powerful strategy for transforming business. This course introduces key Six Sigma concepts and how to use them to connect business drivers to Six Sigma metrics. We’ll also examine how key metrics and scorecards are used to improve process control and process design throughout the entire organization to achieve organizational goals. This course is aligned with ASQ’s 2015 Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge.

Target Audience
Candidates seeking Six Sigma Green Belt certification; quality professionals, engineers, production managers, and frontline supervisors; process owners and champions charged with the responsibility of improving quality and processes at the organizational or departmental level


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Organizational Goals and Six Sigma

recognize the benefits of implementing Six Sigma in an organizationidentify the key characteristics of Six Sigmarecognize how the transfer function is applied in Six Sigmasequence key developments in the evolution of continuous improvement methodologiesrecognize the impact of continuous improvement methodologies on the evolution of Six Sigmadistinguish between pioneers of Six Sigma and their key contributionsidentify questions that need to be asked while assessing an organization’s readiness for a Six Sigma projectrecognize the considerations for selecting a project for Six Sigmaidentify actions a Six Sigma team should take to establish linkages and supports with the organization’s goalsrecognize the components of a business processdistinguish between core and support processesrecognize relationships between business processesrecognize examples of key business driversdistinguish between types of metricsidentify characteristics of good metricsdistinguish between balanced scorecard perspectivesdemonstrate your understanding of fundamental Six Sigma concepts and how they are used to achieve strategic organizational goals

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