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 The Dangers of Sexting: What Teens Need to Know

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The Dangers of Sexting: What Teens Need to Know

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According to a Nielsen survey (How Teens Use Media: A Nielsen Report on the Myths and Realities of Teen Media Trends, June 2009), American teens sent and received an average of 2,272 text messages a month. This figure is double that of the previous year. Teens must understand the social, emotional and legal consequences of sexting. The Dangers of Sexting: What Teens Need to Know course will empower young people with information designed to help them avoid this risky behavior.


Define sexting and discuss the problems it can cause

Identify common dangers associated with sending inappropriate texts

Recognize the legal, social, and emotional consequences of sexting

Make smarter, more informed decisions when it comes to digital communication

Recognize that certain texting situations can be harmful, even when close friends are involved

Appreciate that hitting the “send” button on a text is truly irreversible

Understand ways to safeguard personal information

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