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Think Before You Click: Playing it Safe Online

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Think Before You Click: Playing It Safe Online

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This course is designed to help educators work with their students on many of the social issues that occur during Internet use, from “flamers” to harassment, from bullies to predators. The training raises these issues in a teen-friendly format, providing sound advice about a whole new world where teens can have fun, do research, play games, and learn, with little fear of harm because they know the risks and know how to protect themselves. Strategies for safe and responsible Internet use are provided in the form of 12 simple rules.


Understand that users will likely face certain risks on the Internet, and they should be prepared to deal with these risks

Recognize that face-to-face communication with a friend is a much more effective way to solve a problem than using the Internet

Recognize the negative consequences that can result from online bullying or harassment

Understand that users’ online activities can be traced by the authorities

Realize users can avoid online sexual predators, have fun, and stay safe online

Use the 12 simple rules presented in the training as a guide to Internet safety

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