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What is Your Attitude? Getting in the Mood to Work 

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What is Your Attitude? Getting in the Mood to Work

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In today’s competitive job market, employers say that attitude is the most important factor in their hiring process. Yet many of today’s job-seekers have difficulty maintaining the kind of attitude that goes over well in the workplace. Now more than ever, job-seekers must be prepared to be competitive not only in order to gain a job, but also as a prerequisite for keeping a job. In addition to a positive professional attitude, today’s employers demand a great deal of productivity from their employees—high-quality work, speedy task-juggling and focused effort are all crucial for a company to be profitable. It is essential that job-seekers realize that it is their attitude in the long run which will affect their performance in all aspects of their professional life. The What’s Your Attitude?: Getting in the Mood to Work course will help you establish a positive attitude.


Know the importance of being reliable in business

Have a clear understanding of the qualities employers seek in job candidates

Accept that employers will judge by attitude as well as the quality of work

Appreciate how a single employee’s attitude can affect many areas of a business

Understand that a positive attitude is not only an “external” benefit to the company, but actually gives the employee a better sense of self-esteem

Learn a number of important techniques for time management and prioritizing

Realize the importance of finding a “mentor” in business

Understand the importance of ethics and integrity in the business world

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